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About us

We're the ultimate all-rounders capable of taking on virtually any photographic project.

Find out more about us on our bio pages: Magda's bio | Paul's bio

Buy a licence to use one of our images

Many of our images are available under Rights Managed and Royalty free licensing models, either directly from us or through Getty Images (see links on the right).

If you see an image you would like to use:

  • please note the gallery and number of the image or title
  • and then contact us for pricing information and
  • to download the high resolution digital file.

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::See Paul's images

Hire us to take pictures for you

Our work is in demand with clients ranging from individuals to large publishing houses, agencies, businesses and public sector organisations .

We are well known for being able to organise and produce exceptional quality photo shoots in record time, something that is increasingly appreciated by clients under deadline and budget pressure.

We pride ourselves in producing eye-catching images, full of emotion, beauty and integrity, that will help you communicate with your audience's hearts and minds.

We both have our own unique style and vision. We work together extremely well as a team, with either Magda or Paul taking the lead depending on the photo shoot. We're technical wizards, well organised, with years of experience coping with challenging circumstances. And we're told we're great fun to work with too.

We offer:

  • Editorial
  • Portraits
  • Advertising
  • Book covers
  • Corporate communications
  • PR
  • Headshots
  • Model portfolios
  • Video
  • Multi-media
  • Fine art commissions

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Buy fine art prints

Most of our images, even those on stock libraries, are available directly to the public as fine art prints.

You can buy buy Paul's prints directly from his online shop.

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UPDATE: You can now also buy Magda's fine art prints from Saatchi Online. See the links on the top right-hand column of this page.

A number of the images are available as limited editions. Please note the gallery and number of the image, or title of the image, if you would like to buy a print that you see on this website and then contact us for pricing information. Don't forget to mention the size of print you would like.

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